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Strategy Evaluation of Ramee Group of Hotels in Oman

Number of Words : 2190

Number of References : 9


 Introduction 3
 Brief Description of the Company 3
 Industry Information 4
 Industry Analysis 5
 Internal Analysis of the Firm 8
 Identification and Evaluation of the Current Strategy 10
 Conclusion 11
 References 13


The main notion of this study is to provide a brief overview of the chain of hotels in Oman. The hotel which is selected for doing the study is a very famous hotel of Oman named as Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts and Apartment. Oman is considered as a tourist place and every year lots of tourist visits this country from other parts of the world. The hotel industry is Oman is in a booming stage and they incur a huge profit every year by applying proper strategic management theory. The given study will help us to know about the hotel in a brief way as well as what kind of strategies they are using to compete with the other chain of hotels in Oman. Also the internal analysis of the company will help to analyze the resources as well as the competence of the company and this will help to do an assessment against its competitor. Recognition as well as assessment of the hotels current strategy will help to get an overview of the different strategies used by this chain of hotel in Oman.<br />

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