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Internet Marketing plan for a Facebook group to encourage the students in marketing courses

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  Executive Summary
  Target Audience Analysis
  Web Traffic Plan
  Web Selection and Justification
  Survey development and Justification


‘Facebook’, a Web2.0 application, is one of the top 10 fastest rising global searches according toGoogle (see the Google 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist at<br />http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/zeitgeist2008/).<br />I have developed a Facebook network group – MarketNet – to encourage students in marketing andbusiness courses at CQU to form a social network for sharing knowledge and mentoring. Currently,this network group has over 400 members but very little in the way of content or traffic.<br />You can choose to sign up to the MarketNet Facebook group at (to sign up you need to develop yourown profile within Facebook and this is free of charge). Signing up is not necessary as you cancomplete your assignment based on general knowledge of Facebook, but it may help you in your assessment and in your future career as the network grows. Go to:<br />http://www..com/home.php#/group.php?gid=23332119861<br />Your task is to develop a comprehensive web traffic and marketing plan to promote and develop theFacebook group website.<br />1. Develop a brief target audience analysis – consider statistics (demographics and<br />psychographics) of university student attendance relevant to CQU student cohorts. Some<br />information is provided for you in Facebook and Moodle.<br />2. Develop a detailed web traffic plan – assume that there is an advertising budget of $3,000 perannum, so you will need to look at branding choices and site design, credibility, persuasion,personalization and creating commitment, word-of-mouth and publicity as your main avenues. Develop objectives and strategies to build traffic to the group site. Your plan should include as a minimum:<br />a. Marketing objectives to be accomplished within 12 months to 2 years<br />b. Marketing strategies based on elements of the 7Ps (product, price, place, promotion,<br />people, process and physical facilities) to be specifically based on your marketing<br />objectives (you will need to access other textbooks and resources to develop these<br />strategies as well as your text for this course)<br />c. Measurement activities for each strategy to evaluate the overall success of your<br />objectives and strategies – how will you know if you have succeeded in reaching your<br />marketing objectives?<br />

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