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Analysis of the famous case study - 21-Year-Old Anorexic Model Dies in Brazil

Number of Words : 2543

Number of References : 15


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 **You have to base on Media Ethics: Issues and Cases by Patterson & Wilkins (2008) because this is my text book use in class
 **The link below is the case study “21-Year-Old Anorexic Model Dies in Brazil”
  Introduce your object of study
  Make clear what things you will be concentrated in, and what you will not
  Introduce size zero model issue in fashion design
  Must have thesis statement (eg. Size zero model is ethical or unethical in your point of view. You must use other journal articles to support your argument. You must have an acknowledgement of the opposition that disagrees with your point of view.)
  You have to state that actors and stakeholders involved will be identified.
  You have to state which ethical theory you will apply to solve the ethical dilemma
  A brief case background
  Explain what is the case study
  What happened, where, when, to whom?
  Identify the Actors and Stakeholders
  Immediate actors
  People who are directly mention in the case study
  You have to state their importance
  Industry Stakeholders
  Those industries that associated with the case and issue (eg. Media company, modeling agencies etc )
  You have to state their importance
  Distant Stakeholders
  Those people who are not mention in the case study but have impact (eg. Friend and family of Anna Carolina Reston)
  You have to state their importance
  Ethical dilemma
  Analyze the role of the creative industry involved, and in particular spell out the ethical dilemma raised by the issue.
  Identify one ethical dilemma that come from the issue (size zero model)
  Applied Ethics Theory
  You have to choose ONLY ONE theory to solve this issue.
  Kant’s categorical imperative
  Aristotle’s Golden Mean
  Utilize ONE of the three ethical theories (from above) – briefly propose a way to understand or resolve the dilemma
  Recommended Questions for Further Analysis
  Micro Question
  Create a question that comes from the case study
  You have to provide the answer as well
  Mid-range Question
  Create a question that base on stakeholders
  You have to provide the answer as well
  Macro Question
  Create general question that relate to the issue
  You have to provide the answer as well
  Restate your findings in a short conclusion
  It must end with succinct (to the point) conclusions and recommendations drawn from all the evidence and analysis above.
 The report is based on the Ethical Issue: Size Zero Model in Fashion Industry


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