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An analysis of organizational leadership at IBM

Number of Words : 6158

Number of References : 21


 Introduction 2
 About IBM Corporation 2
 Leadership Approach at IBM 4
 Exploration of Theory- Transformational Leadership 9
 Benchmarking IBM’s Leadership against Best Practice 12
 Recommendations for IBM Corporation 14
 Conclusion 15
 Reflection 17
 References 23


Organizational success and sustainability depends on the influence of various external and internal forces. The internal efficiency and effectiveness directly influences the performance of the organization. Leadership is one of the most important internal component, which enables the organization to manage its human resource and other resources effectively. Leadership enables organization to identify the challenges and threats in the market as well as identify opportunities in the market place and strategize their actions such that all the employees collaboratively work towards achieving the shared objective. Effective leadership approach is very essential since it provides the right direction to the followers and inspires them to use their skills and knowledge and achieve organizational goals, which in turn fulfills their goals. The report analyzes the leadership approach of IBM Corporation. The report also explores the leadership theory and benchmarks IBM’s leadership against the theory discussed. In the end the report provides recommendations on improvising its leadership approach. The report also provides an assessment of the leadership style of the author of this report.<br />

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