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Analysis and Review of the Leadership Capabilities of Mahathir Mohammad

Number of Words : 3278

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 3
 Brief about the Leader Chosen 3
 Key Capabilities of the Leader 4
 Literature Review of a Specific Leadership Theory 6
 Critical Benchmark of the Chosen Leader against the Theory 10
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />The assignment title is as follows:<br />“Critically analyse and review the leadership capabilities of an actual leader– either someone you know or an historical or current leader and clearly identify and link those attributes and processes that identify this person as an effective leader.”<br />To enable critical analysis, the leader that you choose should be a business or political leader and not a religious figure. <br />You should provide a very brief overview of the leader, and examples of the type of leadership behaviour demonstrated. These examples should come from a variety of sources including those who worked with the leader. You should examine a specific leadership theory that most closely represents the style of leadership demonstrated by the leader you have chosen to write about. This exploration of theory should focus on one leadership theory and should explore it in detail and depth and not merely describe it. It should explore the research literature conducted into this theory and therefore describe how the particular leadership style/behaviour under discussion should ideally match the circumstances and needs of the group and how it ideally should be conducted. You should critically compare the leadership of the leader that you have chosen with the ideal theory that you have explored in research.<br />

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