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Analysis of the Operations Management issues at National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Number of Words : 3037

Number of References : 12


 Introduction 3
 Operations Management 3
 About National Bank of Abu Dhabi 6
 Analysis of the Operations Management at National Bank of Abu Dhabi 7
 Recommendations 9
 Conclusion 10
 References 11


Operations management focuses on effectively managing the processes of manufacturing and distributing products and services. The main overall activities include product design, development, production and distribution. The activities are also associated with product and service management. The other related activities include inventory control, quality control, managing purchases, logistics, storage and process evaluations. The nature of the operations management depends on the nature of the products or services and varies from industry to industry. Banking is a service industry and the main focus of the operations management is on the services such as customer services, which has several sub processes. National Bank of Abu Dhabi has one of the largest network in United Arab Emirates and is a reputed bank. But the service delivery in retail banking is not very effective due to the inefficiency of ATM services and lack of well-trained technicians, which has led to increased disappointment among the customer. By regular system updates, monitoring and effective training to the technicians the bank would be able to maintain the ATM service quite effectively and efficiently.<br />

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