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Complete Strategic Analysis of Nokia

Number of Words : 10813

Number of References : 28


 Introduction 3
 Part A 5
 About Nokia 5
 Statement of the Issue 6
 Analysis of the Factors that contribute to the Issue 6
 Poor Organizational leadership 7
 Poor Growth and Marketing Strategy 9
 Recommendations 12
 Participative Leadership Approach 12
 Effective Strategic Approaches 13
 Creativity and Innovation Framework 13
 Effective Outsourcing Strategy 14
 Effective Marketing Strategy 15
 Part B 17
 Literature Review of the Management Frameworks used to analyse the Issue 17
 McKinsey’s 7 S model 17
 Ansoff’s Growth Matrix 20
 Literature Review of the Management frameworks used for providing Solution to the Issue 23
 Participative Leadership Approach 23
 Effective Strategic Approaches 24
 Framework for Creativity and Innovation 24
 Outsourcing Strategy 26
 Marketing Mix 26
 Conclusion 28
 Reflective Paper 30
 References 36


Today’s business environment has become highly competitive and organizations can no longer continue to have competitive advantage based on selected structure, strategy, system and human resource practices. Organizations to sustain in the market need to constantly analyse the internal and external environment and bring effective changes in the various aspects of the business. Organizations by analysing the internal and external environment are able to strategize their actions in a manner that it can take advantage of new opportunities and eliminate possible threats. Nokia, which was once a leading mobile manufacturing and selling company failed to sustain in the competitive market since it failed to analyse the external and internal forces. The poor organizational leadership led to poor strategic approach in various aspects of the business including its marketing strategy. Using the McKinsey’s 7 s model and Ansoff’s Growth Strategy framework the analysis of the factors, which led to the issue was done, which highlighted the ineffective leadership approach of Nokia, which had led to internal inefficiency. Also, it affected the strategy planning and implementation wherein it was late to respond to the competition and changing customer’s demand. Using participative leadership, creativity and innovation framework, outsourcing strategy and marketing mix frameworks, Nokia would be able to re-gain its market position since effective leadership will enable it to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resource and enhance its strategic approach in all aspects of the business. On reflecting on my experiences I had better understanding of management approaches and enabled me to broaden my perspectives towards different business situations.<br />

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