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IMC campaign report on IKEA

Number of Words : 2758

Number of References : 15


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 You are to assume the role of an external marketing and communications consultant working for your own agency. Choose a real-world organisation and its market offering (e.g. a brand, service, product, etc.) for which to prepare your IMC campaign. For example, the organisation can be a commercial entity, company, retailer, manufacturer, government department/agency, industry association, regulator, advocacy group, non-government organisation, etc.
 Base your plan on real-world facts and background. To research the organisation you can consider, for example, the organisation’s website, publications, annual report, and media coverage, etc. You are advised to select an organisation for which there is already plenty of information in the public domain (if you choose a small or new organisation it will be harder for you to research).
 You are not expected to approach the organisation in your research for this assessment. If there are facts/background etc. that are not publicly available then you may speculate as to the details. You will be able to complete this assessment drawing purely on publicly available information.
 You may speculate as to the details of communications challenges or problems the organisation faces. You should get a basic understanding of the types of problems and challenges the organisation faces from you background research, including, for example, from you understanding of the organisation’s market, products, competitors and environment.
 Your IMC campaign plan should be prepared in report format based on the IMC campaign planning template. The plan must be a practical document that you anticipate an organisation would adopt and put into effect. Apply relevant content from this subject. 


Executive Summary 2<br />Introduction 4<br />Meaning of IMC 4<br />Analyzing the Brand 6<br />Situation Analysis, SWOT and Objectives 8<br />Message Map 11<br />Media Release 11<br />Budget 12<br />Monitoring and Metrics 13<br />Conclusion 13<br />References 15<br />

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