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Marketing Profile report on Woolworths

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Using a company/product/brand with which you are familiar (your employer for example) you are required to prepare a Marketing Profile Report. Use a business report format (executive summary, table of contents, appendices). Using the learning from Sessions 1-3 you will need to critically assess the organisation/product/brand and its environment and address:
  What is the orientation toward the marketplace? 10%
  What are the needs (provide a definition in marketing terms)? 20%
  What are major competitive issues facing the company/product/brand? 20%
  What marketing research is currently conducted/required (info. needed, how to collect)? 20%
  Utilise your answers to questions 1-4 to derive recommendations for the company/product/brand. 20%
  Clarity & presentation 10%


Marketing and market orientation are the most important components, which influence the organization’s sustainability and profitability. Today, market orientation has gained significant importance due to the growing competition and customer demands. The orientation to the marketplace enables organization to have a competitive advantage in the market by offering products the customer’s desire. In the process of market orientation the organizations have to consider the various factors such as market needs, competitive forces and develop their capabilities to successfully introduce their products and services in a manner that it is well accepted in the market and provides the company a competitive edge over others. Woolworths continues to be successful as the market leader in the retail industry in Australia since it has continued to be customer focused and faces less competition in the market. But due to its continuous high market share it has not focused enough on differentiation or further enhancing the products, which has started acting as a threat and hence it needs to further analyze the market opportunity and customer demands through market research and offer quality and differentiated products.<br />

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