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Marketing Questions

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 This paper answers the following questions -
 Part A – 10 marks
  How has your view of marketing changed since starting the course?
 Part B – 15 marks per question
  “Holistic marketing is simply a way of doing business well”. Discuss this statement (also talk about the other orientations), then walk though holistic marketing and talk about the 4P’s.
  Apply the communication planning process to the launch of Tiffany & Co Adelaide (refer Chapter 11 notes, page 2)
  Who is the target audience – men, couples, rich men, women
  Talk about segmentation variables, category user status, brand user status, demographics, psychographics.
 Communication objectives – needs based, awareness, association attached to brand
 Design communications
 Select channels – personal one on one communications, mass communications, integrated communication channels.
 Establish budget (four different)
  Affordable method
  Competitive parity method
  Percentage of sales method
  Objective and task method
 Decide on media mix
  Sales promotion
  Public relations
  Events and experiences
  Direct and interactive
  Word of mouth
  Personal selling
  Distribution strategy – what is more important, push or pull strategy? Answer – both as you need to put product on shelf, then get it off (sold).
  What are the 8 functions of a distribution channel member. Compare and contrast these functions between a traditional provider (say Coles) versus an internet provider. Refer to chapter 10, slide 1 of class notes.
  Go through the pricing steps (starting on page 208) in book. Choose an example of your own to illustrate an example of pricing a product.
  What’s the difference between Rossiters brand positioning and Kellers brand positioning (T- target audience, C- category, B- benefits).
  Stages of product life cycle. What levels of cut price phenomenon, product lifestyles at each stage (refer to class notes Chapter 8, page 4). Page 170 of book.
  Talk about segmentation and the difference between a-priori versus needs based.
  Is a “reach” medium? How can it be utilised to enhance the consumer decision journey? (first part of question talk about reach and frequency). Ie, consumer decision journey... rather than put them through a funnel they are put through a loop. Refer to Chapter 11 reading.
  Using the concepts of brand equity and the resonance pyramid discuss (come up with own story) how celebrity endorsements can strengthen a brand (discuss awareness and associations).
  New product development common-sense process (some theory and some examples).
  SIA (Singapore airlines?) challenges of services, Serqual and flower of service
  Discuss the challenges of service and how they can be mitigated using the flower of service (using SIA as an example). Explain how the trouble you can get in with intangible, variable, inseparable and perishable e resolved using the flower of service.
 Part C – 30 marks per question
  Gym Matrix type question
  Tell me how needs based segmentation appears in this matrix, ie – executive has different needs compared to active mum..... and that is different to a-priori segmentation because....
  Describe consumer decision process ie – multiply importance by evaluation. Discuss compensationary decision rule.
  Talk about positioning using Rossiters approach – how would you strengthen the importance?
  Develop a marketing plan for IFly product starting in Adelaide (wind tunnel)
 Who are the customers – skanky regular sky divers, adults taking kids
 Identify price, availability, product
 Advertising – a paid non personal form of advertising
 Refer to Chapter 11, page 2 of course notes re: communication plan


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