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Report on maintaining ecotourism as sustainable tourism

Number of Words : 2316

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 2
 Ecotourism 2
 Changes in Tourism Industry to maintain Ecotourism as Sustainable Tourism 5
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Tourism and hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Eco-tourism has gained significant importance over the years due to increasing awareness of environmental conservation and preservation among the people. Eco-tourism provides the travelers a unique experience to learn, admire the local heritage and scenery and contribute in preserving the environment by participating in activities, which do not have negative impact on the environment and help in supporting the development of local communities. To make ecotourism as sustainable tourism the various stakeholders of the industry are making different contributions, which together can help in protecting the environment and also fulfilling the personal interests of every stakeholder. The report briefly discusses about eco-tourism and also discusses the changes taking place in the tourism industry to maintain ecotourism as sustainable tourism.<br />

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