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Strategic analysis of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

Number of Words : 2321

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 2
 External Analysis of the Business Environment 2
 Internal Analysis of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation 4
 Evaluation of the Current Strategy of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation 5
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Business strategies either help a company to overcome a problem that is arising from the environment it is operating on or help the company achieve its business objectives. A good strategy would help the company achieve the necessary growth and guide the company in the direction of achieving its objectives. A strategy can be thought of as a means to achieve the business objective of an organization. There have been many strategic approaches used by the companies to achieve growth, sustainability of increased market share. Some of the strategic approaches or methods are Porter’s generic strategies, Bowman’s Strategy Clock and Ansoff Matrix. Bahrain is attracting a lot of people especially from the region itself due to its rich heritage sites. The nation is actively boosting tourism realizing the potential for the industry in the region. Another reason the nation is actively pursuing tourism is that the nation’s oil reserves have more or less dried out and its main economy largely rests on the refining activities of the imported crude oil. The nation therefore, has to boost alternative industries in order to boost the economy. Rotana is one of the fast growing 5 star hotel chains that has a base in Bahrain too. The company has an appeal to the local Arab population due to its traditional approach towards hospitality. This paper analysis the tourism industry of Bahrain and the strategy of Rotana in Bahrain. <br />

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