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 Introduction 3
 Middle Income Trap 3
 Environment of the Asian Economies 4
 Impact of the Middle Income Trap on the Asian Economy 5
 How Asian economies avoid the problem of Middle income trap 6
 Conclusion 8
 Bibliography 10


The main notion of this study is to provide a brief about the condition of the Asian economy and how middle income trap affect it. Further the study will also help to get an idea about hoe to overcome with the problem of middle income trap. It has been recorded that Asian economy includes more than 4.2 billion people who are residing in 46 diverse states. Asia is known as one of the rapidly developing financially viable area. According to the ancient time China was known to be as the biggest in the monetary maters in the world. China was a key monetary power as well as attracted several to the east (Anagnost, 2013). The contemporary financial statement expansion comprises of a sustained expansion in the real per capita income, accompanied by an increment in the population as well as important structural changes. In the year 2008-2009 rising Asia was entirely preoccupied with resolving the negative effect of the international monetary as well as financial calamity. Capital market also plays a very pivotal role in the development of the Asian economies. The next part of the study will deals with the issues of middle income trap and it will also provide an insight on how to overcome this problem.<br />

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