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Take home exam of a famous case study on Organizational Behaviour ‘A Case study in Culture and Team Working’

Number of Words : 3197

Number of References : 12


 This paper answers the following questions on the case study –
  Discuss the typical problems which might be encountered when working with such a functional and culturally diverse team. How these problems might be overcome.
  What would be some of the issues for Ellen when working so remotely, how could they be resolved and what lessons could be learned when managing teleworkers in call centres?
  Is team Ellen a “proper” team? Why or why not?


This essay is going to discuss various typical problems that might be encountered when working in a functionally and culturally diverse team as Ellen McArthur’s team. It is evident that team work is very essential and vital for the success of the team but there could be various issues that have to be taken care of first for the team to work towards a single goal. Some of the typical issues relating to culture and functional aspects are identified and discussed. Also the ways how these issues might be overcome are also discussed48<br />

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