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A comparative study of Higher Education system in England and USA

Number of Words : 1254

Number of References : 9


 Introduction 4
 Higher Education 4
 Higher Education in England 4
 Higher Education in United States of America 4
 Quality in Higher Education 4
 Quality in US Higher Education System 5
 Quality in UK Higher Education System 5
 Conclusion 5
 Works Cited 7


This paper is based on the following requirement - <br />Essay topic: Compare and contrast the higher education system in England with that of one country of your choice in terms of funding and quality. Which system is preferable?<br />Should be 750 words and with in text citations, and references.<br />Introduction<br />• Background information on higher education<br />• More specific information on the higher education system in the two countries <br />• A thesis statement explaining the outline of your essay and your position (e.g. which system is more effective?)<br />Main body paragraphs [2 paragraphs] (Section 2: Portfolio Evidence IV)<br />In each of them you should:<br />• Include a topic sentence explaining the focus of the particular paragraph<br />• Discuss BOTH higher education systems in relation to ONE area (e.g. funding, quality)<br />• Provide evidence (references), examples and evaluation of each similarity or difference (e.g. why is it important?)<br />Conclusion<br />• Summarise the main points of your essay<br />• State which system is more effective and why<br />• Add a few suggestions / recommendations<br />References<br />• A list of detailed references you used in your essay, in alphabetical order<br />

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