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A Conflict Analysis of Male vs. Female salaries in the USA from 1990-2010

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 Introduction 3
 Occupation wise data 7
 The gender pay gap rises as age rises 9
 The pay gap by Race, and sex 10
 Conclusion 13
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The gender pay gap is the mean gap between the wages or salaries of a man and a woman. After adjusting for all other factors, this gap is taken into account. In United States the wage gap between males and females is the ratio or proportion of the annual earnings of full time female to male workers in a year. The gender pay gap is not only as social issue but also an economic one. Women earn less than men for same job responsibility, same designation and doing jobs of same value. . The pay gap is not always because of the educational gap. The gender pay gap is not only because of the discrimination but can be because of several other reasons. The wage gap is also due to the labour market segregation. Women and men dominate in different sectors. Women generally dominate in education, health, public administration sectors whereas men work in managerial, accounts, defense, police and private sectors mostly. Women are sometimes easily available for low skilled or unskilled jobs like cleaning or care working. In these sectors the pay is lesser than the skilled sector. In fields like mathematics, engineering, computer the percentage of women students passing is less than the men. So, in technical fields men are preferred to women. Maintaining job and private life is more difficult for women than men as women have to look after the family, taking care of the children. Domestic responsibilities are still not equally shared between men and women. In 2009, a study of high school valedictorians in the U.S. observed that male valedictorians were expecting to start careers with a median salary of $97,734 whereas female valedictorians were expecting to start careers that had a median salary of $74,608. So the question is why were the women less likely when compared to men to choose high profile jobs like engineer, surgeons, CEOs of a company. <br />

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