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A Proposed Startup Business Plan

Number of Words : 2615

Number of References : 11


 Executive Summary – 2
 The concept of the proposed business startup – 4
 Special feature of the renewable energies 4
 The Target Market 4
 1. Institutional users 4
 2. Local Small utility companies 5
 3. Small corporate users 5
 4. The large farms with higher use of energy 5
 5. The wind gardens of the rural areas 5
 6. Department of Army or defense 5
 Values and benefits for the target market 6
 Benefits in terms of pollution control 6
 Employees 6
 Suppliers 6
 Survey team 6
 Engineers 7
 Operation and policy associate 7
 Marketing and communication person 7
 Windows of opportunities for the proposed business – 7
 HR Strategy for the startup 9
 Business canvas model 9
 Finance Plan - 11
 The breakeven point 11
 Works Cited 13


The proposed startup business is for the product – renewable energy, say solar energy. The background behind choosing the product is that energy is something that is used by all of us in almost every aspect. The source of natural energies are limited, the demand for the energies is increasing as the number of people all over the world is rising, hence nowadays, it is not relevant only to rely on the natural resources of energy. Here comes the importance of renewable energy where the demand for energy which is increasing at an alarming rate. Renewable energies are the source of clean, never-ending energies and have a potential of fulfilling increasing demand for energies across the world. <br />

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