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A Study on Marketing Communication Strategy of Nespresso brand from Nestle

Number of Words : 2343

Number of References : 18


 Introduction 3
 Company background 3
 Marketing Strategy of Nespresso 3
 Market Segments of Nespresso 4
 Nespresso Positioning Strategy 4
 Overall Objectives of the Marketing Communications for Nespresso 5
 Elements of Marketing Communication Activity 6
 Advertising 6
 Public Relations 7
 Sales Promotions 7
 Direct Marketing 8
 Sponsorship 8
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Marketing communication is a part of marketing mix tool which denotes passing brand related messages by use of different kinds of media about a particular product. Marketing communication is considered to be as important activity because it helps the customer to know about the product being launched in the targeted market (Kerr, 2013). The given topic of the research report is related to study in details the marketing communication of Nespresso by making use of its different communication tools like advertising, public relation, sales promotion, direct marketing and sponsorship. By conducting this study a general idea will be gained about how companies make use of the marketing communication tool and what sort of benefits they acquire by using it. <br />

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