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Report suggesting the strategies to improve e-business operations of Accent Clothing

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  Design: First Impression
  Customer interface


The world of e-business is expanding rapidly. Accent Clothing has also adopted this approach to keep in step with the modern times by working through its website www.accentclothing.com. The website endeavours to be consonant with the policies of its business- warm relationship with and convenience to its customers.<br />The website is designed to meet the requirements of a large number and varied groups of customers. It does so by segmenting the website according to the projected needs of the browsers. Also, Accent Clothing has set up a whole system to provide shopping facilities of transaction and delivery to its buyers.<br />There are a few flaws relating to the design of the website. They have been evaluated and recommendations made for the improvement of the site and consequently, of the e-business of Accent Clothing. <br />The Report for evaluating and suggesting measures for improvement of the website has been divided along three basic heads- Design, Content and Customer Interface. These are the three main things to look out for in a website. Under each head, three sections have been constructed- Importance and Guidelines (detailing the importance of each element and the guidelines generally prescribed for it), Evaluation of www.accentclothing.com (in comparison with the guidelines prescribed) and finally, the Recommendations.<br />These recommendations can help improve the e-business of Accent Clothing and make it a large and well established business on the internet.<br />

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