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Report on the accommodation and food and beverage services of 2 hospitality outlets – Carey’s Manor and Aramark

Number of Words : 3343

Number of References : 7


 Contents of the assignment –
  Methods of accommodation, and food and beverage services
  Scenario 1: Carey’s Manor
  Company background
  Type and pattern of business
  Food production and food service systems
  Sample Menu
  Scenario 2: Aramark
  A comparative view


Hospitality industry is considered today as the most successful business arena and a booming industry across the globe. With the international hospitality industry fast developing into a more advanced level, a wide range of issues concerns the management authorities of hotels including the operational factors, accommodation facilities, quality and production of food and beverage, health and safety issues, and so on.<br /> This paper addresses the broad picture of the hospitality industry along with special reference to the operational factors involved in the provision of food and beverage and accommodation. With regard to explaining the methods and systems of accommodation and food and beverage services of hotel industry, the paper conducts a survey of two significant hotels - Carey’s Manor and Aramark. It attempts to bring to light the relevant aspects of these services and facilities as well as current employment issues in hotel industry.<br />

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