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Business Strategy Report on Accor

Number of Words : 4616

Number of References : 37

Popular By : Accor Internal Environment, Accor External Environment, Accor PESTEL Analysis of Macro environment, Accor Porter Analysis


 Executive Summary 3
 Section 1 – Introduction 4
 Section 2 – Analysis of Internal Environment 5
 Organization 5
 Introduction 5
 History 5
 Famous Hotels of Accor 5
 Financial Position 6
 Marketing 6
 Accor in Asia Pacific 7
 Environmental Sustainability initiatives 7
 Distinctive Competencies of Accor 8
 Nurturing Competency 8
 Empowerment Competency 8
 Data Management Competency 8
 New Service Development Competency 8
 Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage 9
 Efficiency 9
 Service Quality 9
 Service Innovation 9
 Customer Responsiveness 9
 Section 3 – Analysis of External Environment 10
 a) PESTEL Analysis of Macro environment 10
 Societal Trends 10
 Economic Trends 10
 Technological Trends 10
 Political & Legal Trends 11
 Major Innovations in other industries 11
 b) Porter’s Five forces Model for Industry Analysis 11
 Bargaining Power of Suppliers 11
 Bargaining Power of Customers 12
 Threat of New Entrants 12
 Threat of Substitutes 12
 Rivalry among existing players 12
 Section 4 – Recommended strategic direction 14
 Section 5 – Conclusion 15
 References 16
 Appendix 17


Strategic management of any organization requires understanding of its internal as well as external environment. The strategic manager also has to track the future macro environmental trends in order to make workable strategy of future.<br />The purpose of this report was to analyse deeply the organization named Accor and bring out the various internal and external environmental factors which can affect the organization’s management to take strategic decisions for the future prosperity of the organization. <br />For this report, the organization in focus is Accor. The brief preview of the organization is mentioned in order to understand the history and operations of Accor worldwide. The various brands and locations of Accor’s operations show the scale and focus of the organization in hospitality industry. The report brings out various internal environmental parameters of Accor. The distinctive competencies of Accor such as nurturing, empowerment, data management and new service development competencies show the internal environment of the organization. The report also discusses the building blocks of the organisation’s competitiveness.<br />The external environment is analysed with two heads namely overall macro environment and the industry environment. The macro environment is studied through the PESTEL Analysis of hospitality Industry. Porter’s five forces model explains the various barriers and threats in the hospitality industry by various stakeholders. <br />Based on the detailed analysis, the strategy recommended for Accor is “Focus Strategy”. The various pros and cons of this strategy as explained in the recommendations make the strategic manager take informed decision regarding the strategy.<br />

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