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Analysis of the famous case study on acquisition of Neale House Pty Ltd, the longest established national hotel company, by Hilltop Group Pty Ltd.

Number of Words : 2771

Number of References : 5


 This assignment answers the following questions on the case study –
 Please discuss the issues identified in the following questions by analysing the information provided in the case description above. Recommend actions that you think management should take to address these issues. In your responses, justify your analysis, discussion and recommendations for future action by reference to management concepts, principles, models and frameworks from relevant management literature to support your ideas.
 (1) Following its successful takeover of Neale House, how could the new Hilltop Group organisation develop and sustain competitive advantage?
 (2) How could the expanded Hilltop Group create opportunities for operational level managers to contribute to organisational efforts to: monitor and improve processes, embed a customer-focused culture and maintain “open” internal communication networks?
 (3) How could the Hilltop Group conglomerate be improved to maximise: (a) adaptability (e.g. responding quickly to changing market conditions); (b) innovation (e.g. allowing employees to “re-invent” processes and procedures) and (c) team spirit?


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