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Short report on Adidas Sportswear

Number of Words : 2145

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 This report is based on below given assignment requirement –
 Select a Sportswear (Clothing) product, which has been launched as a new product or re-launched with a new and distinct style.
 Research details on the product and write a report on the product selected, ensuring that you –
 1. Describe how the quality of the product is communicated by the seller or supplier. This can be interpreted from packaging, material, advertising, sales channels, supplier-provided information on the internet etc.
 2. Develop a rating scale for the quality of your product, and use the scale to demonstrate how the quality of the product can be compared with atleast 3 similar competing products.


Adidas Group is a major Germany-based sports apparel manufacturer that offers a wide range of sportswear products including footwear, apparel and accessories. While focusing on improving its competitive position and financial performance in the global sportswear industry, the company is committed to producing some of the finest quality sportswear products. Adidas offers the finest quality sports clothing lines for men, women and youth. Focused on producing quality and creativity, the company strongly emphasises on maintaining environment-friendliness by working toward sustainability issues.<br />

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