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Evaluation and Recommendations of the Brand Management Strategies of Adidas

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Number of References : 10


  Executive summary
  Brief history
  Adidas as a brand
  Brand value
  Target market
  Product range
  Brand image
  Identity Elements- Colour and Logos
  ADIDAS’ Style
  Big Five by Jennifer Aaker
  Brand Endorsements
  Brand personality
  Brand effectiveness
  Strengths and Weaknesses
  Building a brand
  Company’s situation
  List of references


‘Brand Management’ has emerged as an important area of research in the recent past decades. This Report has been prepared for the brand Adidas. Adidas has been taken up because it is a globally established brand and therefore, has several areas of brand management that can be explored. The research on the brand has been carried out through literature review and by studying the official web site of Adidas-<br />Adidas was started in 1920 by Adi Dassler because of his passion for sports and shoemaking and with three guiding principles in mind - to produce the best shoe to serve the needs of sport, to protect the athlete from injury and to make the product durable. With profits and with more family members joining in, the company expanded in the next decade.<br />Adidas has streamed into three divisions- Performance, Style and Originals. With these divisions, Adidas diversified into fashion and style for the general public. Adidas, as a brand, is quite popular especially among sports persons/ athletes. It boasts of an attractive consumer value proposition. The tangible and intangible resources of the company are integrated with the brand in terms of brand image and reputation.<br />Adidas has a strong brand image in the terms that it is recognised as a company that provides durable and sporty products. The three stripes logo of Adidas is well recognised and the consistency in the use of this logo has created a strong association of three stripes with Adidas. The clothing and accessories of Adidas are not so popular in the general public as its footwear. This is because the brand image is mainly related to footwear, especially sports footwear.<br />Therefore, it is recommended that the company explore new vistas and expand into the wider market that is available to it right now. The present profits of Adidas have increased in the past one year by around 8%. With further development of the company’s marketing strategy and business plans Adidas can grow to be the largest brand in the market, not only the sports market but also the general market of footwear, clothing and accessories.<br />

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