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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of using Short-cuts

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  Advantages of using short-cuts in an organization
  Disadvantages of using short-cuts in organizations


Decision making in an organization about fellow employees by judging their performance, personality, value factor to the organization hinges mostly on personal perception of the decision maker about an employee or group of employees. The decision could be about appraisal of an employee or employee group, continuation of employment or process, moving an employee to some other department or decision could be about hiring a prospective employee during interview. Although, rule of the book says that decision makers follow a rational and facts based scientific approach while making their decisions, many managers use shortcuts like gut feeling arising out of distilled experience or size up a person based on the their personality and individual perception (Robbins & Judge, 2008). Irrespective of the method used, it becomes important from the organizational view point that the decision maker is unbiased and does not bring forth his or her personal preferences to influence the decision. The rational approach or the scientific facts based approach and shortcuts based on decision makers experience and intuitive abilities have their respective merits and demerits. The essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using shortcuts in decision making process and judging others in organizations vis-à-vis rational decision making based on scientific methods and facts.<br />

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