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Critique of the Advertisement campaign of Pepsi ‘Ye hai Youngistan Meri Jaan’

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  Executive summary
  Brand positioning
  Target audience
  Objectives of the campaign
  Creative issues
  Media strategies
  Marketing communications tools


The main purpose of conducting marketing campaigns is to target focus customer groups with an intention to create a need and desire to own the product the company is marketing. Marketing campaigns normally have the objectives of conveying some sort of value addition to customers. No marketing campaign can exist without specific objective and goals. Apart from having predefined objectives marketing campaigns also have customer target groups in focus while designing the advertising or marketing campaign. Advertising is just one component of the marketing campaign. Integrated marketing communications involve a whole set of activities such as selection of theme, selection of phrases, advertisement design and shoots, creating visual displays, selecting advertising media, displaying the advertisement in the selected media, time the advertisement is displayed etc. Pepsi India launched a path breaking marketing campaign in 2008 that proved most of the marketing experts wrong. The company dropped its celebrity brand ambassadors and instead opted for less known young cricket players and movie actors. The market campaign of Pepsi India, ‘Yeh Hai Youngistaan Meri Jaan’ was a huge success and was a first of its kind as it dropped icons like Sachin Tendulkar from the advertising campaign since he was not young enough to address the target audience. The campaign overcame the skepticism of market experts and was a huge success creating a niche market for itself. The advertisement set a trend in itself by having coined the term ‘Youngistaan’, which was adopted by many programs and extracurricular activities in university campuses and the internet. The paper critiques the above said advertisement campaign of Pepsi India on the basis of brand positioning, target audience, objectives, creative issues, media strategy and the use of marketing communication tools. The paper finally recommends Pepsi India not to ignore the older population and convey the message that the drink is also for those that are young at heart, in its marketing campaigns. <br />

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