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Analysis of Air Asia culture using The management practice of Air Asia under the leadership of Tony Fernandes using GLOBE Leadership theoretical framework

Number of Words : 3858

Number of References : 30


 Company Profile: Air Asia
 Environment of Air Asia
 Focus of the Report
 GLOBE Leadership Framework
 Cultural Dimensions
 Leadership Dimensions


In this paper, the organization chosen for studying the organizational culture is Air Asia. It is one of the leading airline service providers operating in the Asian continent. The main destinations served by the airline are Malaysia and south-east Asian locations (Air Asia). The airline has been successful in providing its customers with low cost services which makes the company competitive in the market. Given the scale and speed with which the company has progressed it makes the organization interesting to study. Through this paper an attempt is made to study the organizational culture of Air Asia that has led to this success by using the GLOBE Leadership Framework. <br />

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