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Application of e-CRM strategy for airline industry

Number of Words : 2021

Number of References : 10


 Need in the airline industry
 Definition and meaning of CRM and e-CRM
 Why CRM?
 Implementation of e-CRM
 Some issues in the application of e-CRM
 Conclusion on e-CRM strategy for airline industry
 List of e-CRM strategy References


The objective of this paper is to develop and implement e-<b>CRM strategy</b> for airline industry to develop better customer relationship. <b>CRM</b> has been a major issue of concern in the <b>airline industry</b>. It is well understood by the players in this industry that those airlines that can effectively attract, serve and retain the best customers will see significant positive effects on their profitability. The deeper the relationship the <b>airline</b> holds with the customers, the more opportunity there will be to sell additional products and services and thus increase profitability.<br />

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