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Paper discussing the impacts of macro-economic factors on Airline industry of UK with special emphasis on Virgin Atlantic Airways

Number of Words : 3537

Number of References : 14

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 Part A 3
 Virgin Atlantic Airways – Macroeconomic Factors 3
 Introduction 3
 Virgin Atlantic Airways 3
 PESTEL of UK Airline Industry and the influence on Virgin Atlantic Airways 4
 Political 4
 Economical 5
 Social 6
 Technological 7
 Environmental 8
 Legal 9
 Conclusion & Recommendations 9
 Part B 10
 Virgin Atlantic Airways – Marketing Mix 10
 Introduction 10
 Traditional 4 P Model and Virgin Atlantic Airways 11
 Product 11
 Price 12
 Place 12
 Promotion 13
 Expanded Marketing Mix of 7Ps 13
 People 14
 Physical Evidence 15
 Process 15
 Recommendations and Conclusion 16
 References 17


There are several factors that contribute to the success or otherwise of an organization. Some of factors could be internal to the organization and some of the factors could be external. While the a company cannot do much to control the external environmental forces, it can very well adapt its processes to suit the needs created by the external environment or macroeconomic factors. On the other hand, a company has a fair degree of freedom and resources to control and enforce changes in its internal environment or microeconomic factors. The paper discusses the influence of macroeconomic factors on industries and on the chosen airlines industry of the UK. The paper also discusses the adaptive measures taken by Virgin Atlantic Airways to adapt to the changes in macro economy. In the second part of the report the paper discusses 7 Ps of marketing mix and how effectively Virgin Atlantic Airways uses them to its advantage. Each of the parts end with recommendations if any, to Virgin Atlantic Airways.<br />

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