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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) report on Airwalk Footwear

Number of Words : 4498

Number of References : 11

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 Executive summary 4
 2.0. Introduction 5
  2.1. Customer initiated marketing communication model 5
  2.1.1. Analysis 6-7
  2.1.2 Critique 7-8
  2.2. Consumer decision making model 8
  2.2.1. Analysis 9-10
  2.2.2 Critique 10-11
  2.3. Conclusion 11
 3.0. Introduction 12
 3.1. Analysis of Airwalk’s communication strategy 13-14
 3.2. Airwalk’s Mini Audit 14-16
 3.3. Examples of Airwalk’s IMC with its target audience 17
 3.4. Conclusion 17-18
 4.0. Introduction 18
  4.1. Airwalk and customer initiated marketing
 Communications model 19-20
 4.2. Airwalk and consumer decision making model 20-21
 4.3. Airwalk and FCB grid model 21
 4.4. Conclusion 22
 References 23


The emergence of integrated marketing communications has brought a significant change in today’s business environment. Many organizations have adopted IMC process to gain competitive advantage over their business rivals. Airwalk a leading footwear company have realized that the way they must market their products and services is changing rapidly. The explosion of new technologies, economic uncertainties and the emergence of global marketing have changed the way companies have stared marketing as well as advertising and promoting their products. Advertising and promotional tools have played very important role in the developing Airwalks integrated marketing communication programs and strategies.<br /> Airwalk has also been involved in proper understanding of consumer behavior through consumer decision making process. Airwalk’s communication strategists have huge influence on consumer decision making model. It has helped them to understand the problems consumers face through the different decision making stages. This report also discusses the customer initiated marketing communication model invented by Tom Duncan. It explains how with the help of this communication model Airwalk footwear has been able to connect with its young audiences in order to increase the sales of its newly launched products.<br />

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