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Internet Business Strategy for All metals and Forge

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  All Metal and Forge – Background
  Business strategy and Unique Selling Propositions
  Critical Success Factors
  Key benefits of using the internet for its business model
  Benefits to the Customers on a web based business model
  Key elements to concentrate on
  List of references


They are distributors of exotic steel, aluminium, titanium, super and special alloys as well as carbon to aerospace industry, also to many other speciality industries. An US based company with specialised offerings of various kinds of metal solutions like service centre facility, forging, melting operation, customised bar producer, value added service producers as well as information base and use it as a new service that could be provided under one roof. It also provides alloys in different forms for different types of demands in the market both from industries as well customer’s point of view and its unique selling proposition is that this customised delivery is not usually available in the market. The third major offering is forging and they provide steel for forging in various size and shapes. Forging is a complex set of activity and hence this firm also provides value added service (VAS) such as rolling and welding operations, heat treating, cutting, machining and extrusions etc. These activities forms a larger part of work for the industry it serves i.e. Aerospace industry. (All metals and forge, 2009) Apart from the standard product and services, a customized operation is also offered which include hand-rolled bars, which are made available in many shapes and sizes. Through a customized melting process All Metals & Forge produce metals in export variety (All metals and forge, 2009). It has an extensive logistic network which has been rushing up materials to customers whenever there is a demand to meet critical deadlines, or may be responding to an emergency needs, shutdowns emergency, rush orders and many other critical services to name a few. A just-in-time (JIT) method is followed for order fulfilment process (All metals and forge, 2009)<br />Security of materials used, hence high quality of materials required, could easy be understood by any supplier as aerospace would have strict quality control measures, All metals, and all parts form a part of the aircraft and other high performance products. Aerospace primarily sells raw materials formed in the shape of bars, sheets, rings and forgings. (All metals and forge, 2009). <br />The model of business followed is business-to-business (B2B). Large corporates or aircraft fabricators produce the final aircraft from these materials. These customers could even be a middleman, between the All Metals and Forge company and the aircraft manufacturers like Boeing or Airbus. A sales staff is maintained to sell metals to companies. The inventory storage system is spread across United States and the sourcing is done from various steel and metal manufacturers across North America. They have a system or mechanism to place special orders received from its customers to other companies on their behalf and this happens All Metals doe not have stock of that particular product. The company has a unique combination of a steel service center, forge facility, customised vacuum melt operation, customised bar producing mechanism, value-added services as well as knowledge management for its customers. It is a quality certified company having ISO-9001:2000/AS9100/EN9100 registration (All metals and forge, 2009)<br />

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