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Marketing strategy for Allanasons Ltd for entry into Australian market

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  Executive summary
  Corporate objectives & strategy
  Organizational resources
  SWOT analysis
  Porter analysis
  PEST analysis
  Competitor analysis
  Marketing objectives
  Target market
  Market entry strategy
  Marketing mix
  Planning budget
  Implementation plan
  Control system
  List of references


This report is written to demonstrate a marketing strategy for Allanasons Limited to enter into Australian market through its product of fruit pulp. Allanasons Limited is an Indian company which was incorporated in 1865. It possesses a well diversified product range and is particularly strong in the product segments of Halal meat, Coffee, Fruits and Vegetables and Marine products. The company has the long term strategy of exporting its frozen fruits and vegetables in the markets of UK, USA and Australia. Frozen fruits market in Australia is growing at a rapid pace and thus it has been identified as a primary target for exporting fruit pulp. Fruit pulp will first be exported to three major states in Australia i.e. Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and after a period of 2 years expansion will be done in other parts of Australia. The primary target market of fruit pulp has been identified as university students, vulnerable groups like infants and pregnant ladies and health conscious people. The product will first be distributed to Convenience stores and Take away food outlets near the target market areas and once the product is popular, it will be introduced in major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths. Coles and Woolworths have been identified as the major competitors and their strengths and weaknesses have been closely studied. Several marketing communication tools like mobile promotion teams, branded merchandise, point of sale display material and product specific pamphlets have been chosen to create an initial awareness about the product. November 2008 has been found to be a suitable month for launching of fruit pulp in Australian market and Planning budget suggests that the project will start to generate profits from the fourth month of its launch. Six months would be an ideal time period after which fruit pulp can be introduced in major supermarkets to compete with housebrands of Coles and Woolworths. <br />

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