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Comparison of the websites of Amazon and W H Smith on the criteria of Core Identity, Extended Identity, Value Proposition and Relationship

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 Introduction 2
 Amazon UK 3
 W H Smith Plc 4
 Brand Identity 5
 Core Identity 7
 Extended Identity 8
 Value Proposition 9
 Relationship 10
 Summary and Recommendations 11
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


Brand identity is the promise given by the company to the consumer about the value addition of the product to the consumer’s well being and life in general (Olins, 1989). Brand identity is a set of associations that the company wishes that the customer identifies with (Aaker, 1995). These associations represent as to what the brand stands for from the perspective of the customer. In other words, brand identity is the promise given by not just the company but also the members of the brand to the customer about its use in customer’s life. To create or maintain brand identity is to define core values of the brand, what the brand stands for, how the brand wishes to be perceived by the customers, what personality traits the brand represents and finally the relationship of the brand with the customer (Holt, 2004). For example, a brand such as toothpaste has a regular daily relationship with the customer. The toothpaste is so interwoven in a person’s life that it becomes an identity for the customer himself of herself. We all know that we prefer only a certain brands or brand of toothpaste to be precise, to use everyday. The brand can also be of emotional value to the customer. So the brand identity of toothpaste is the freshness of breath, taste, packaging and the health benefits of using it such as healthy gums and sparkling teeth. Brand strategists normally plan as to what the brand needs to stand for. Some of the brands might project a specific life style, health, well being benefits, while some other brands might project cost benefits and other value additions to the user’s life. Amazon UK and WH Smith are two of the largest books, CDs, electronics and other consumer items stores in the UK. Both have online as well ad brick and mortar stores. The functionality and the product catalogue of both the brands are similar. However, the brand identity planned for these two stores by their brand strategists could be different. This report analyses the web sites or online stores of both the brands to study the brand identity projected by the two companies and on how they differ in core identity, extended identity, value proposition and relationships. The paper analyses the strength and weaknesses of the two brands with the help of these criteria. The paper finally recommends this brand to improvise upon the areas that need to be improved. <br />

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