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Analysis of the famous case study – Amazon in Europe

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 Executive summary on Amazon in Europe
 Introduction to
 Evolution at
 Amazon in European market
 Challenges faced by Amazon in Europe
 Amazon inventory management
 Advantages of outsourcing on
 Conclusion of Assignment on
 End notes for
 References on


This report is written to analyze the operations of <b></b> with key focus on <b>inventory management</b>, process improvement, operations <b>management</b>, and adapting to changes in the competitive environment. Apart from having a broad overview on the position of <b>Amazon</b> in the global market, a special focus is given to its operations in the European market. <b>Amazon</b> identified UK and Germany as their key primary markets in Europe and thus modified its activities accordingly to suit the needs of the local people. An attempt has been made to look at the several challenges that <b>Amazon</b> faced in Europe and what steps it took to overcome those challenges. <b>Amazon’s</b> <b>inventory management</b> strategies have been closely looked at with key emphasis on the role of outsourcing. Finally, the conclusion has been made that inspite of all the challenges and drawbacks, <b>Amazon</b> has emerged as a biggest book, music and video retailer on the Internet and thereby offering more than 4.7 million books, videos, music CD’s, DVD’s, computer games and other products.<br />

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