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Plan for the analysis of a Business environment of a Contruction company in UK

Number of Words : 2041

Number of References : 15


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 As part of the ongoing strategy development process, the Managing Director of your construction company wishes you to develop a report, in the form of a ‘plan’ (of between 1500) for undertaking an analysis of the business environment in which the organisation operates. The plan should set out the tools that you would use in undertaking an analysis, their relative merits to your circumstances and the process by which these would be implemented. The report should be substantiated throughout by making reference to and citing the various authoritative text and publications.
 Your report should follow the guidelines below:
  An introduction
 (state the nature and location of your chosen company) 5
  An analysis of the various tools used to analyse the business
 environment, identifying their relative limitations and merits. 50
  A plan for the implementation of the environmental analysis, setting
 out the proposed process and preferred tools for analysis. 20
  Overview, conclusions and recommendations. 15
  Structure, presentation and references 10


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