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Analysis of an operation at the workplace

Number of Words : 4160

Number of References : 16


 This paper is based on the following requirement -
 The assignment for this module is an extended project. It accounts for 50% of the total module mark, so it should be detailed, analytical and contain data, facts and figures. It should be critical and analytical and not merely constrained to the descriptive level - the assignment should be treated as a serious piece of practical research work. You are urged to start work early on selecting your topic and collecting any relevant data.
 Directions Ö..
 1. Select an operation with which you are familiar. The operation could be one from a past or current place of work, one you have experienced as a customer or client, or one you are able to observe process and collect data from.
 2. Describe and analyse the operation in detail, outlining the main processes and discuss the inputs, outputs and constraints. You are encouraged to use diagrams and process maps to illustrate your description.
 3. Identify at least one aspect of the operation that is either suboptimal or could be improved. Drawing on theory, critically examine why the aspect you have chosen is suboptimal/in need of improvement and discuss what could be done to improve it.
 4. Produce some recommendations, making sure you consider the system-wide implications.
 Important Notes:
 ï Your assignment must be word processed in a professional report format and should be around 4000 words in length.
 ï Marks will be allocated on content, evidence of data, an analytical approach and critical insight.
 ï Please ensure you read extensively for your assignment, in support of your observations of the process. You will be expected to read beyond the textbook in order to develop more insight
 ï Make sure that all sources are fully referenced using the Harvard system (surname, date, page number if appropriate in the main body, alphabetical listing of references at the end).
 ï Legibility: use minimum 12pt font, and at least 1.2 line spacing.


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