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Analysis of business environment of Oman Arab Bank

Number of Words : 4548

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 3
 External Environment Analysis 3
 PESTLE Analysis 3
 Porter’s Five Forces 6
 Internal Analysis 7
 Possible Strategic Options for Oman Arab Bank 9
 Evaluation of the Strategy and Recommendations 11
 Recommendation Criteria 13
 References 14


Strategy development and implementation should be effective for organizations to sustain and grow in the competitive business environment. Organizations are required to implement strategies based on the external and internal environmental analysis, which enables the organization to ensure that resources are used effectively and the desired objectives are achieved. Oman Arab Bank SAOC is one of the leading banks in Oman. Originally Arab Bank owned by Arab Bank Group, OAB started operations in the year 1973 (Oman Arab Bank, 2015). In 1984 however, Arab Bank was renamed as Oman Arab Bank when Ominvest purchased the majority of shares at 51 percent Current Arab Bank Group owns 49 percent stakes in Oman Arab Bank (Oman Arab Bank, 2015). Oman Arab Bank expanded its operations in the year 1992 when it purchased Omani European Bank (Oman Arab Bank, 2015). The major areas of operation of the bank are in retail sector, investment banking and in Islamic finance sectors. Investment Management Group, which is the investment wing of Oman Arab Bank provides services in the areas of investment management, asset management, brokerage and market research (Oman Arab Bank, 2015). Oman Arab Bank stared its Islamic Banking wing named Al Yusr in the year 2013 (Oman Arab Bank, 2015). This report analysis the external and internal environment of Oman Arab Bank. The report then identifies the possible strategic options the bank has to achieve growth and then evaluates the proposed strategy and provides recommendations.<br />

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