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Analysis of Leadership style of Bank Muscat Oman

Number of Words : 5582

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 2
 Analysis of Leadership style of Bank Muscat 2
 Exploration of Theory 6
 Benchmarking the Leadership of Bank Muscat against Best Practice 9
 Recommendations 12
 Conclusion 13
 Reflective Account of my own Leadership 15
 References 20


Leadership can be defined as a process wherein the leader influences the followers in a manner that they realize their potential and willingly work towards achieving the shared organizational objectives. Organizational leadership enables the management to utilize the skills and knowledge of the employees effectively and enhance their competencies to deal with various challenges it faces due to the ever changing business environment. The organizations adopt various leadership styles depending on the context and organizational objectives. One of the best leadership approaches is the transformational leadership approach wherein leaders and followers work collaboratively towards achieving the common objectives. This leadership approach enables leaders and followers to enhance their skills and transform their attitude, beliefs and approaches depending on the situation enabling them to be more effective and efficient. Bank Muscat is one of the leading banks in Oman and provides services in retail banking, corporate banking, private banking and asset management (Bank Muscat, 2015). The bank has 148 branches across the region, which is the largest in Oman (Bank Muscat, 2015). The bank has 622 ATMs and CDMs and more than Point of Sale Terminals. Bank Muscat has seen consistent growth in its performance due to its effective leadership approach (Bank Muscat, 2015). This report analyzes the leadership approach of Bank Muscat and compares it against the best practice and provides recommendations to improve the leadership approach. The report also provides a reflective account of my own leadership approach.<br />

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