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Analysis of the case study - "Corporate restructuring of Gujarat State Road Transport corporation"

Number of Words : 3293

Number of References : 12


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Access the case "Corporate restructuring of Gujarat State Road Transport corporation" from Harvard Business School.
 Read the case and answer the following questions:
 1. Analyse the case.
 2. Based on the analysis, discuss the recommendations regarding how the change process could have been done more effectively and/or differently. What do they have done well and not so well and develop recommendations accordingly.
 1. Analyse the case: Analyse the processes, strategies and actions that were used during the change process (eg. what processes, strategies and actions were effective/ineffective). Support your statements with relevant references.
 2. Recommendations: Recommendations need to provide detail eg. How will it be done? What are the expected outcomes? How will the outcomes be monitored and evaluated? What is the timeline for the implementation? Include areas such as management, HR, Leadership, OCD, etc. **It is crucial that the recommendations are based on the analysis. Support your statements with relevant references.


The paper analyzes the case of “Corporate Restructuring of Gujarat State Road and Transport Corporation (GSRTC)”, which includes analysis of the factors, which influenced the change implemented in GSRTC and analysis of the change strategies implemented. The paper then provides recommendations on how to improvise the change strategies and its implementation, which would enable it to overcome the setbacks in its change strategies.<br />

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