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Analysis of the e-commerce website and suggestions on the ways in which its operations can be improved

Number of Words : 3088

Number of References : 11


 Executive summary 3
 Introduction 4
 About the company 5
 Literature Review 6
 Analysis 9
 Branding 9
 Social networking 12
 Mass customization 12
 Recommendations 14
 Conclusion 16
 Bibliography 17


The study is based on an e-business website and a research on its operation at current point of time. How it is effecting the branding of the business, the ways it is using networking for positioning the business in a more effective way. The impact and benefits of mass customizing of the business and service they are offering to their target customers. <br />Moreover research on the recent strategies the company is following for gaining competitive edge in the business environment. It is also been done so as to improve on the action plan of the company. The study is an evaluative advance supported by the theoretical concepts and approach to realize the operation functions of the website and its growth opportunities in the future.<br />

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