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Analysis of the E-commerce website

Number of Words : 3182

Number of References : 8

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 Introduction 3
 Challenges 4
 Bag Borrow and Steal 5
 Current Marketing Mix 6
 SWOT Analysis 8
 PESTLE Analysis 10
 Internet and other Marketing Strategies 12
 Budget and Priority Allocation 13
 Recommendations 14
 Conclusion 15
 Bibliography 16


This assignment is based on the following description – <br />Based on an e commerce website of your choice (, you are to<br />1. State and describe the core aspects of the company’s existing Internet marketing strategy (marketing mix, e-CRM, virtual communities etc.) <br />2. Analyze and evaluate the company’s current position and identify opportunities for improvement. This means that you will be expected to apply market analysis tools (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE, etc.) using market and company information (e.g. annual reports). You are expected to support your choice of analytical tools with relevant literature. <br />3. Develop and propose a coherent Internet marketing plan, based on your practical understanding of the company’s flaws, and your theoretical review of relevant frameworks/concepts. This will help you to focus your report on specific issues and apply the theories you have learned in real situations <br />4. Discuss the implications of your analysis, evaluation, and planning for practitioners and marketing decision-makers. The limitations of the theories, frameworks and concepts that you applied should be evaluated and discussed. Implications for implementation as regards Internet marketing should be addressed<br />

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