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Analysis of the famous case study - Best buy in a global growth mode

Number of Words : 2912

Number of References : 8


 This paper answers the following questions on the case study -
 1) What can any retailer learn from this case?
 2) Analyze the data in Table 1 and 2. What conclusions do you reach.
 3) Why has Best Buy been able to weather the recent economic downturn better than any other retailers?
 4) Does Best Buy do a good job with regard to the retailing concept? Explain your answer.
 5) Assess Best Buy's global strategy.
 6) Look at the website of the Best Buy's geek squad ( Why has this service business done so well?
 7) From a strategic planning perspective, what must Best buy do in the future to try to stay ahead of Wal-Mart? Will it be able to do so in the logn run?


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