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Analysis of the famous distribution channels case study - Chic Shop

Number of Words : 1659

Number of References : 7


 Introduction 2
 Target Audience for Chic Soap 2
 Product Benefits 3
 Approach of reaching the Target Audience 4
 Appropriate Distribution Channels 5
 Support for Distribution Channels 6
 Outline of the Cash Flow Analysis 6
 Conclusion 7
 References 8


This paper answers following questions on the case study - <br />You are the marketing manager of the Chic shop company, answer the following questions - <br />1) Who are your target audiences?<br />2) What is the product benefit that you will be providing?<br />3) How are you intending to reach the target audience?<br />4) Which distribution channels will be most appropriate?<br />5) How are you intending to support such channels?<br />

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