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Analysis of the famous Electronic Commerce case study on Footprints

Number of Words : 2239

Number of References : 11


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 FotoPrint is a digital photo printing shop set up in 1996, when digital cameras were becoming popular. Over the last 20 years, it has been required to constantly evolve its business as digital cameras became the norm, and low-cost colour printers became household items. It has now diversified into printing photobooks, photo-calendars and wall decors, in addition is HD photo prints. Despite this, FotoPrint is seeing a decrease in its profits over the last 5 years, as fewer customers visit its shop. Instead, customers prefer to use online digital photo printing services.
 It has now become clear to the management that if FotoPrint has to survive and grow in the digital photo printing business, they require an online presence. To increase the revenue, they plan to expand their range of products to include T-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets and keychains with photos printed on them.
 Hence, the management has decided to set up a website, which will act as an e-commerce portal, allowing customers to browse the entire range of products & upload the digital photos to be printed. The portal will also display on-going promotions, and allow the customer to search for specific products. The portal must have the facility for customers to register themselves, order photo prints or related products and make payment online. It is important that the customer be assured of the privacy of the photos uploaded to the website.
 You have been engaged by the management of FotoPrint to Prepare a report on the feasibility of implementing the e-commerce portal.
 Your Report (with reference to the given case study) should address the following:
 A critical analysis of the proposed idea to include:
 A SWOT analysis. [5 marks]
 A discussion of the benefits / advantages. [10 marks]
 A discussion of the issues / challenges from business and technological perspectives.
  [10 marks]
 For the proposed idea, critically discuss:
 Security problems that will be faced by this e-commerce business. [10 marks]
 At least one counter method for each identified security problem. [10 marks]
 With reference to the proposed idea, evaluate the feasibility of using m-commerce by:
 Critically analysing the advantages / benefits. [10 marks]
 Critically analysing the issues / challenges involved. [10 marks]
 Critically evaluate the security issues specifically related to mobile devices, and their countermeasures.
  [10 marks]
 Critically discuss any two suitable payment methods for this e-commerce business idea and justify your answer.
  [10 marks for each payment method]
 5 marks will be awarded for correct use of appropriate reference material, comprehension, clarity and structure as follows:
 Referencing: In text references, and matching end text reference list, correct citations and appropriate texts.
 [5 marks]
 You are expected to undertake your own research on this assignment, and your report must conform to standard academic practice with regards to referencing (Harvard APA style) and any material used from other sources must be properly acknowledged as such. Marks may be deducted for poor referencing, language, comprehension and lack of clarity.
 The report should not exceed 2000 words. Marks will be awarded for the quality of the answers, and not the quantity provided. The submission of substantially more, or fewer words than the 2000 specified is often evidence of poorly conducted research and an inability to focus answers; this in turn results in lower marks.


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