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Business Report on the analysis of Steel industry in India

Number of Words : 5888

Number of References : 21


 Executive Summary 3
 Business Details 4
 Business Name & Address 4
 Proprietor’s Name 4
 Business form 4
 Business activity 4
 Company Summary 5
 Business Location and Operations 5
 Business Objectives 6
 Products & Services 6
 Market Analysis 7
 PESTEL Analysis of Indian Market 8
 Political 8
 Economical 8
 Social 9
 Technological 9
 Environmental 9
 Legal 10
 Industry Overview 10
 Competitor Analysis 11
 SWOT Analysis of ABC Castings 13
 Strengths 13
 Weaknesses 14
 Opportunities 14
 Threats 15
 Competitive advantages 15
 Proposed customers 16
 Marketing strategy 17
 Marketing Mix 17
 Product 18
 Place 18
 Price 19
 Promotion 19
 Equipments Required 20
 Key people and job functions 22
 Identification of Material Risks 25
 Management of Material Risks 25
 Financial Highlights 26
 Turnover 26
 Profit 26
 Break-Even 26
 Funding Requirement 27
 Source of Funds 27
 References 31
 Bibliography 34
 Appendix 35
 1 Global Steel Demand Growth in 2001-2011 35
 2 Indian Steel Capacity by 2020 36
 3 Indian Steel Demand Trend 37
 4 Industry-wise Consumption of Steel Casting 38


Steel is one of the materials having the highest influence in our lives since it is widely used in cars, buildings, transport and is used in several other facilities (Williams, 2011). Steel has become the most important, adaptable and multi-functional materials of all. India has seen a consistent growth in steel production over last five years and its growth was the highest at 4.3 percent in 2012 (Researchmarets, 2012). The demand for steel related products such as castings is also on rise within India since the country is going through changes in infrastructure and is enhancing its transport facilities by building bridges, flyover etc. This has given rise to demand of castings, which is very essential in construction industry. ABC Casting would be entering the casting business with the production capacity of 150MT in its first year and would be located in Punjab, India, which has good supply of raw materials. The location will enable the company to procure raw materials at lower cost and pass it on to the customers and also the demand for castings is on rise around the region. The company would carry out the designing and pattern making at its on works and would purchase the equipments and carry out the entire process at their works. The company has skilled employees and the advantage of procured contracts for turnkey supply of steel for the entire duration of the construction project hence would not need to put much marketing efforts. The company’s objectives are to gain five percent returns on the investment in the first year and double it in the next year and also expand its customer base and execute different projects.<br />

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