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Analysis of the famous case study – The Nivea For Men: Developing a Marketing Plan case study

Number of Words : 1531

Popular By : Nivea Marketing Objectives, Nivea SWOT Analysis


  Marketing Objectives
  Risk v/s Returns of the Re-launch
  Key Performance Indicators
  Football sponsorship
  SWOT Analysis
  Effectiveness of Nivea’s Plan


This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />1. Outline the key objectives that Nivea was trying to achieve when it relaunched its Nivea For Men range. Do you believe the market was ready for the strategies outlined? Why? <br />2. Do you think that Nivea was taking a risk by relaunching their product range given that they were already the market leaders with their current products? Why or why not?<br />3. Outline how Nivea measure their market performance and suggest some additional marketing metrics that they could use to assess their performance.<br />4. Explain why Nivea used football sponsorship to help increase its sales of Nivea For Men products.<br />5. Using the conclusion of the case study, develop a SWOT analysis for Nivea’s current position in the UK market.<br />6. Discuss how effective you think the marketing plan for Nivea For Men has been.<br />

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