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Analytical paper on Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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 About the Event- Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
 Theoretical Frameworks related to the Event
 Analysis of the Event


One of the ways to fast-track the urban regeneration is pursued by many countries by hosting major events, which enable it to gain recognition in the international market. Olympic Games have long been the best opportunity for countries to gain the attention of several nations and enhance their relationship on various aspects with the nations. The preparation of carrying out such a major event involves changes in many aspects of the country, which include infrastructure leading to opportunities for various industries and initiating continuous business for industries such as tourism and other related industries. Such events also lead to positive and negative impact on socio-cultural, environmental and economic conditions of the nation and enhance the reputation of the country. The report discusses the theoretical frameworks related to events. The report further analyzes one of the most appreciated event of 2008 Summer Olympics held I Beijing and evaluates the socio-cultural, environmental, economic impact on the nation.<br />

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