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Business plan on Apple’s product I-Pad

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  Introduction to the company: Apple
  Introduction to the product: iPad
  Porter Five Force Analysis on iPad
  SWOT Analysis of iPad
  Marketing Objectives
  STP Strategy of iPad
  iPad: Marketing Mix


iPad is a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has been designed for activities like media consumption, internet browsing, content creation, gaming etc. iPad was launched in April 2010, and 3 million devices were sold in 80 days. It has been positioned as a device between laptops and smart phones. According to Apple’s website, there are multiple applications that can be downloaded for iPad and the device can be used as an iPod and laptop as well. <br />According to Baig and LeVitus (2010), one can transfer all the media contents from other devices and listen and view it on iPad after synchronization. The iPad is very convenient for internet browsing and reading e-books. According to the authors, the device is very easy to use and very convenient for various applications. <br />

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