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Paper analysing the innovations undertaken by Apple Inc

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  About the Company - Apply Inc
  Business Model – Apple
  Product innovations – Apple
  Apple II
  The Macintosh
  Mac Mini
  PowerBooks 100 Series
  Ipod 2001
  Xserve (2002)
  MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacPro (2006):
  iPhone, iPod Touch (2007)
  MacBook Air (2008)
  The iPad (2010)
  Corporate Culture – Apple Inc
  Analysis of the contribution of the corporate culture to innovation- Apple Inc


Innovation is the change in the process of thought in order to do any task. It might also be any useful application of the new discoveries. It is could also be the changes which are revolutionary and radical that is happening in the organisation, processes, products and thinking. It is the embracement of the knowledge in original and a valued product, services or the product. In the context of organisation it could be said as a multi stage process where the organisation is transforming its newly formed ideas to improved products or services with the aim to compete in the international market. It is also a kind of strategy adapted by them to differentiate itself from its competitors. Innovation is involving around creativity and it leads to uniqueness of any product. Customers would be benefited as the organisation who is adapting innovativeness as their strategy for growth would be able to bring something new to the market. In fact innovation is the combination of the invention and commercialisation. In the field of computers, Apple Inc is a multinational company operating from America. It is deals with the design and producing the consumer goods related to electronic and software products. It is very much famous for its innovativeness. Its famous products in electronic personal computers in the line of macintosh ipod, iphone etc., and in software too it has engraved itself in the minds of customers through itune media browser. This paper analyses how the organisation has journeyed in its innovative product line, its corporate culture and how its style of corporate culture has helped in its contribution towards the successful innovation.<br />

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