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Critical evaluation of the marketing strategy of Apple iPhone

Number of Words : 2741

Number of References : 17

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 Introduction 2
 Apple Marketing Strategy (iPhone) 2
 Apple’s Organizational Strategy and Marketing Strategy (iPhone) 6
 An analysis of how the global context has been incorporated into Apple’s marketing planning 7
 Apple’s e-Business Strategies 8
 Flaws in Apple’s Marketing Strategy (iPhone) 10
 Conclusion 10
 References 12


The competition to succeed has reached new levels in the today’s highly technological world. Every company is going out of its way to come up with new and innovative marketing strategies. To deliver a product of high quality is essential but once that is done, marketing the product in the best possible way becomes even more essential. To reach the customers and to convince them to but your product, it takes innovative marketing strategies from the company. Every company has its own marketing plans and companies spend millions of bucks on marketing. There are different and innovative marketing strategies that companies can adopt. <br />The following report is aimed at analyzing the marketing strategies of Apple’s iPhone. It briefly explains Porter’s generic marketing strategies and analyses the strategy adopted by Apple in marketing iPhone. It also gives a brief description of Apple’s organizational strategy, e-marketing strategy and its global marketing strategies. The report also identifies some of the flaws in the marketing strategies of Apple and recommends solutions. <br />

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